Surprising Benefits ofwalking barefoot on grass
Surprising Benefits ofwalking barefoot on grass

Ever since childhood, all of us have been told about the numerous health benefits of walking barefoot on grass. Also known as Earthing, Walking barefoot on grass is the secret behind happy and healthy life in true sense. Grounding or Earthing basically means connecting oneself electrically with the earth. Remember the plastic and rubber shoes we wear disconnects us from the energy flow of the Earth. So always try to connect yourself to the earth once in a day.

How does Earthing or Grounding improves your health?

The earth is a huge reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. So it is very important to connect oneself with the earth as the cells present in our body need these negatively charged electrons to balance the positive charged electrons. (See Scientific Research)

Earthing does not only improve your heart conditions, but is highly beneficial for your overall health. It is observed that those who walk barefoot on grass regularly for 15-20 minutes tend to live happier, healthier and cheerful life.

We live in a digital world where all of us spend most of our day working on laptops, computers, using mobiles, gadgets and other electrical appliances. The electromagnetic radiations emitted by these electronic devices induces voltages in our body. To prevent our body from these harmful radiations, connect yourself to the ground, and walking barefoot is the best way to do that.

Walking barefoot basically means not covering your feet while walking and moving anywhere. It is one of the most relaxing and soothing feeling one could ever have. Try it once and I bet it will soon become your habit to walk barefoot on grass. You can also walk barefoot on soil and sand and other natural surfaces.  It helps us to prevent unnatural heel strikes, improves and enhances our posture and motions.

Some invisible benefits of walking barefoot on Grass:

It brings peace to your mind– In today’s fast-forward life, if you are looking for the way to stay calm and refreshed, then walking barefoot on the grass is the best way to achieve a peaceful state of mind. Green grass, fresh air, warm sunlight and serenity of the natural surroundings will definitely make your day. It will give your day a good start which will help you to accomplish daily tasks and office work with ease and comfort.

Not only morning, but you can also walk on a grass in the evening. Walking barefoot on the grass is the best way to connect with the mother earth.  Soothing And balmy effects of grass will definitely rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Stimulates the body and improves the eyesight– According to the surveys, the major part of the world’s population is either near and farsighted. They wear contact lens or glasses. But do you know you can actually improve eyesight just by walking barefoot on the grass. It nourishes your mind as well as the body.

Our feet have many pressure points which is why feet are also known as the house of reflexology. Stimulating these points improves functioning of various organs, including the eyes. The sight of the fresh grass and beautiful surrounding is also soothing for the eyes. This is the reason why walking barefoot on grass is always recommended.

Helps to relieve stress– We all ignore the fact that stress and depression deteriorates our health in many ways. Stress  does not only disturbs our peace of mind, but also affects our life tremendously. It affects our performance at both home and workplace. Every morning, walking barefoot on the grass is the best way to de-stress you.

Every morning, get out of your house, walk in the garden or go out in the park. Remove your shoes and walk barefoot on grass. This will not only enlighten your soul, but it will also clear your mind from all the tensions and worries of life. It will bring so much positive energy in your life and will definitely change the way you live life.  Try to do this regularly and experience the change yourself.

Provides Vitamin D– Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Do you know how important it is for all us to sit under the sun for at least 15-20 minutes a day? It does not only make your bones stronger, but also strengthen your body in many ways. The lower level of Vitamin D can cause you many health problems like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 1 diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers and osteoarthritis. So don’t forget to sit under the sun for some time on a daily basis.

Fresh oxygen, soothing atmosphere, walking barefoot on the grass will lighten up your day. It relaxes your body and make you feel positive about life. Walking regularly for 30 minutes keeps your body fit and boosts energy which helps you to perform daily activities in an effective and easy manner. Vitamin D is also very beneficial for hair, skin and nails.

The other benefits of walking barefoot on the grass are that it takes away all stagnant and negative energy present in the body which help you to relax and provides you better sleep. It also helps in detoxification and improves your internal clocks.

Always stay cheerful and appreciate nature. Your feet are the best medium to absorb the richness of the nature to your body. You will definitely bring some happy thoughts home after walking barefoot on the grass.