I always read and heard that Cranberries are known to treat Urinary tract infection (UT)). I always thought how a fruit can become an effective remedy for UTI? And, only a strong dosage of antibiotic can act against such nasty infections. I absolutely denied agreeing on this until I myself had to undergo this painful phase of UTI. I did visit a doctor, who put me on a very strong antibiotic. However, they made me weak, tiring and drowsy. Suddenly, cranberries came into my mind. I did a research to find out if it can be really effective.

During my research, I came across one information that drove me to try cranberry capsules against my very unpleasant condition. I read that according to a study, cranberry capsules could suppress the growth of E.coli, the bacteria that causes the UTI, and can prevent and treat several bladder infections. I also read that cranberry capsules can have several other benefits of one’s health. They can help prevent periodontal disease and ulcers. They might help in preventing heart disease and cancer. They also can be an effective anti-aging supplement.

While I found several sources favoring cranberry juice in place of capsules, I also found that cranberry capsules can be more effective than the juice because capsules are more concentrated and one capsule is equivalent to 8 ounces of cranberry juice. I got tempted to take this then. While it certainly is much more effective than juice, I read that a long term intake can have certain adverse effects on one’s health. However, my intention was to desperately try these capsules at least till I got rid of the infection I had.

Now, the next question that raised in my mind was, from where do I buy these capsules. As a usual habit of relying on Amazon for most of my online shopping needs, it was quite obvious for me to search for this product in the Amazon platform. I came across Nature’s Bounty Cranberry with Vitamin C 4200 mg, 250 Softgels that had received several positive reviews by customers for whom the capsules worked very well for UTI and also for many women in their uterus health and general health like hair and skin.

Once I started consuming them, I was really surprised to see that I got better and the UTI started subsiding. I was also perplexed by something else that happened during the course. Not only I did get rid of the infection, my always irregular menstrual periods, started on the correct day, after 28 days of my previous cycle. Also, during my menstrual cycle I experienced lesser bloating and cramping.

I was not sure if it was because of cranberry tablets. After a research, I found that cranberries can act very well for proper functioning of women’s reproductive health. I certainly was quite happy with all these magic happening with my health and continued to consume the capsules. Gradually, I also started evidencing my skin getting soft, firm and healthier, because of the fruit’s acidic nature and its richness in vitamin C.

I then stopped taking it once I got pregnant, as I came across a research study saying that it is not advisable for intake during pregnancy. Having already experienced a fortune of benefits from these capsules, I then decided to stop taking it for a while, at least until my baby became a year old and I stopped breastfeeding.

However, with the extent of benefits I experienced on my general health, I would certainly recommend every woman to try this at least once to see the magic it can have on your health, even if you are enough lucky for not getting affected by UTI.

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Nature’s Bounty Cranberry with Vitamin C 4200 mg, 250 Softgels