Cure alopecia areata with home remedies
Cure alopecia areata with home remedies

If you are dealing with the issues of excessive hair fall which causes round bald patches on the scalp, then chances are that you are suffering from Alopecia areata. It is basically very common auto-immune disease which leads to partial or complete hair loss.
In this disease, immune system attacks the hair follicles where hair growth begins thus causes hair loss. The sad thing about alopecia is that it cannot be cured but recently some US scientists discovered a drug which restored the hair of three patients in the time period of five months.

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We are providing you some very effective Home Remedies which will help you to cure Alopecia Areata naturally. You should definitely try these:

Essential oils:
Massage your scalp with essential oils like Lavender, grape seed oil or Jojoba oil. These oils help in promoting hair growth. Mix any of these oils with normal oil like coconut or almond oil and then apply it on the scalp. Apply the mixture on the affected area on a daily basis for some time.
You can also apply onion juice on the affected area as high sulfur content present in Onions stimulates hair growth and also kill scalp born bacteria causing hair loss. Rub onion at the bald portion frequently. Onion is great to cure hair loss because of its antiseptic properties.

Green tea:
Green tea is very effective in treating Alopecia. Dab a cloth in Green tea and apply it on the bald patches of scalp. Antioxidants present in Green tea can help in rebuilding new cells on the scalp and will eradicate free radicals present underneath skin which results in hair loss.

Coconut milk:
One of the most healthiest and full of medicinal properties, coconut is very useful to cure excessive hair loss. Mix coconut oil with a gram of flour and make a paste, apply this paste on the scalp as this will stimulate hair growth and improves the scalp.

Famous for its healthy properties, fenugreek is very beneficial for hair growth. It also nourishes your hair and makes them smooth and shiny. Soak fenugreek seeds in the water and leave it for rest at night. Make a paste of the soaked seeds and apply it on the scalp.

Eat Vegetables that are high in Silicon and Vitamin C:
Include vegetables like potato, cucumber and peppers in your diet as it help a lot in your hair growth process. Silicon contains properties that are good for both skin and hair. Along with these, also include green leafy vegetables and fruits like orange, kiwi fruit, berries in your diet. You can also eat vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli which are high source of vitamin.

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