Health benefits of walnuts

Immensely beneficial for your heart and circulatory system, walnuts are the Super food which comes with large health benefits. They are not just a tasty treat, but a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, manganese, copper and a rich source of vitamin B and E. Walnuts are also very helpful to maintain the blood cholesterol level and good health.

A recent study conducted shows that it does not only balance blood cholesterol level, but also increase the good fats and many other important nutrients which helps to lower obesity. Many people believe that consuming walnuts also affect the body weight, but in reality eating walnuts has nothing to do with body weight.

“Given walnuts are a high-energy food, a prevailing concern has been that their long term consumption might be associated with weight gain,” said Emilio Ros, director of the Lipid Clinic, Endocrinology and Nutrition Service at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain.

“The preliminary results of the Walnuts and Healthy Ageing (WAHA) study demonstrates that daily consumption of walnuts for one year by a sizable cohort of ageing free-living persons has no adverse effects on body weight,” said Ros.

“They also show that the well-known cholesterol-lowering effect of walnut diets works equally well in the elderly and is maintained in the long term,” he added.

There are three types of walnuts mainly, the English walnut, the white walnut and the black walnut. The white walnut is also known as butter walnut and is more difficult to find in local grocery stores. Their texture is also different from the other two types of walnuts, white walnuts are generally oily and sweet in textures.

Eating raw walnuts is also very advantageous as it contains many antioxidants, which helps to attain healthy life and also prevent arteries from damages. All you need to do is to munch a handful of raw walnuts regularly to gain its remarkable health benefits.

These are some other health benefits of including walnuts to your diet:

Contains Cancer-Fighting properties.

Helps to Lose weight and weight control.

Improves the quality of sperms.

Helps to treat Diabetes.

Improve sleeping ability.

Prevent Hair loss and makes the skin glow.

Prevent Alzheimer’s and helps to keep the brain healthy.

Very beneficial for Pregnant Women.

Helps to beat stress and anxiety.

Walnuts are the only nuts, which contains a specific amount of polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a seed oil, ALA, which is very essential for your health. From improving cardiovascular functions to controlling high blood pressure, walnuts helps to prevent inflammation and excessive clotting in blood vessels.

Walnuts are perishable and should be taken proper care of. Proper storage of walnuts is very important. Always remember to store unshelled walnuts in a cool, dark and dry location. Shelled walnuts generally stays fresh for up to six months.

Walnuts are also very easy to use. You can add chopped walnuts to the dishes, salads, cookies and dips. Raw and roasted walnuts are also tastes good and are fun to eat.

Who should avoid eating walnut?

Patients with herpes should avoid eating walnuts or limit your intake of walnuts as it contains amino acid I-Arginine, which has the tendency to deplete the amino acid lysine which causes herpes recurrences.

All those who are allergic to nuts should also avoid eating walnuts in order to stay healthier. Rashes, itching, swelling, difficulty in breathing, and many other severe symptoms are the allergic reactions caused by walnuts.

Featured Photo Source- Pixabay via Niky_filipova