Hair Shedding
Hair Shedding

Have you ever wondered why is your hair falling out, even when you’re trying innumerous methods to stop the hair fall.

The Hair is of great importance to our life and we try our best to protect them from all damages. We try various products, expensive shampoos, supplements and hair creams to make them healthy and strong. But before investing so much in hair care, we should understand the fact that the reason our hair becomes frizzy and dry is because of the plastic combs we use. In reality, plastic combs damages the hair and cause major hair fall.

To protect your hair from all such damages, we would suggest you to switch from plastic combs to wooden combs. They are not only smooth on the hair, but also soothes the scalp every time you comb hair. Wooden combs stimulate growth of new and healthier hair. These combs are not only gentle on the scalp, but also help to keep hair healthy and strong. Wood combs and brushes also helps to prevent bruising and scraping on scalp. They are not only soft and polished, but also increases the blood flow of the scalp.

Wooden combs is not only used by modern people, but people in ancient times also used to comb their hair with wooden combs. This is the reason why people in ancient times used to have long, shiny and strong hair.  Yogis also recommend wooden combs because of its numerous health benefits.

It is also advisable to never comb wet hair. Comb them gently from front to back, back to front, left to right and from right to left several times. This will instantly remove all your tiredness  and fatigue. This technique of combing hair will not only improve your health, but it will also balance your menstrual cycle and will improve your eyesight.

You can buy a wooden comb from your nearest local store, I personally have experienced much change in my hair quality, it has really helped me to get rid of frizzy hair.I prefer wide toothed comb, as it is easy for long hair.

If you have long hair I would recommend you to make sure to buy a wide toothed wooden comb. I’m sharing the one I’m using, you may like to check it out below :-

This comb is really helpful because it is Anti-dandruff, Eco-friendly and most importantly, non-static which prevents the hair from breakages. You can choose any wooden comb of your choice.

Not everyone is aware of the numerous benefits of using a wooden comb, but today we are telling you about the exceptional benefits of using this natural wooden combs.

  1. Natural wooden comb and brushes are very beneficial to condition your hair naturally as it evenly distributes the oil on the scalp which helps to bring nutrients to the hair follicles.
  2. Unlike other combs, wood combs are not static. Wood is a bad conductor of electricity, hence prevent your hair from all damages.
  3. These combs make de-tangling a lot more easier. It is better to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair easily. Wide tooth comb prevents the breakage, best for wet hair and gives you the experience of smooth combing.
  4. Wooden combs are also very suitable for long hair. From the hair roots to the end, they distribute the oil naturally, nourishes the scalp, prevents dandruff and makes your hair look long, smooth and lustrous look.
  5. It nourishes your hair roots and makes it grow healthier, faster, longer, and also improves hair growth.
  6. Wooden combs are also very easy to clean. Use some soap and warm water to clean. You can also use the brush to make your comb free from dust, dirt and grease. Just remember it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the products you use along with your body.

I hope these reasons are enough to understand the numerous health benefits of using wooden comb. So what are you waiting for? Switch your comb with wooden comb to prevent further damage, regular and metal comb causes to your hair. Improve the life of your hair with these wonderful wooden combs.

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