Fasting for improved health and metabolism.

People are practicing fasting since the ancient time. Fasting holds a significant role in many religions as well. But not all of us are aware of the fact that fasting has many health benefits too. Many Researches proved that those who fast once in a week have better immune system and live healthy and disease free life. So it is very important to understand the health benefits of fasting.

People fast not only for religious reasons but they practice fasting in order to stay hale and hearty. Fasting is beneficial for both body and brain. It helps in self-healing and cleanses your system.

But many time people confuse fasting with starvation. It is of utmost importance to understand the difference between starving and fasting. After starvation people tend to eat more and become fatter. So if you find it difficult to fast without eating, drink water and eat fruits only

Here are some tremendous health benefits of fasting:

  • It helps in decreasing insulin levels which results in burning fat.
  • During fasting, blood Levels of growth hormone increases 5 times than before.
  • It helps in clearing wastage from cells and induces cellular repair process
  • It also protects body from heart diseases and cancer.
  • It helps in weight loss process and reduces belly fat.
  • It removes toxins and prevents body from future illness.
  • It improves metabolism and promotes longevity.
  • It also boosts energy and gives clarity of mind.
  • It also makes your skin better and protects your skin from acne and other skin problems.

Many people think that fasting means no eating at all. But it is not true. You can choose what to eat during fasting. Some people prefer to drink only water but you can also include fruits and yogurt to your diet.

You can include orange juice, yogurt and nuts in your diet. Avoid eating fried and oily foods. Stick to juices and fruits and try to drink plenty of water. Avoid eating inflammatory foods. Eat very light meals or food high in protein during fasting but try to limit the intake.

Fasting is very essential for your healthy lifestyle. So try fasting once in a week or go for trying fasting diet.

You can also try one day water fast .

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