How to get rid of acid reflux
How to get rid of acid reflux

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Feeling uneasy and bloated after eating a heavy meal.

Acid reflux symptoms are prominent when

After heavy meals
Skipping meals
Lying down on back

Here are some easy remedies , which may help you :-

Chilled Milk Remedy.

Drink a cup of chilled milk , make you do not add sugar or any health drink .It should be just milk .
It is one of the easiest remedy . Try not to have milk immediately after heavy meal . There should be always 30-45 minutes gap .

Aloe vera juice and Indian Gooseberry (Amla) juice.

25ml Aloe juice + 25 ml alma juice + 50ml warm water
You should have this drink at least once a day in the morning .For best results have it first thing in the morning empty stomach.

Fennel Seeds.

Take fennel seeds after your meals , if you feel bloated after meals this will surely ease it .


Yogurt is great for your stomach , the natural probiotics help your digestive system .

Ginger root and lemon.

One teaspoon ginger root juice + few drops of lemon juice
Take this just before your all your heavy meals .

Celery seeds and asfoetida .

Half teaspoon celery seed + half teaspoon asfoetida
Take this with warm water any time you feel discomfort . It is good for immediate relief .

The above are the remedies, but it is always better to follow have few healthy habits to avoid occurrence of any of the above symptom .

Tips to follow

  1. Avoid heavy meals right before going to bed at night . Maintain 1-3 hours difference between meals and going to sleep.
  2. Try to take small meals through at the day , than just take one heavy meal . This helps your digestive system .
    Drink a lot of water throughout the day but try to avoid drinking water 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after the meals , Make sure after 45 minutes you drink at least 200 ml water .This will help you stomach to digest your meals.
  3. Include salad in your meals or have salad in the snack time . Most of the digestive issues occur because we don’t take enough fibers throughout the day .

– Kristine

Eliminate acid reflux and heartburn forever from your life

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