Home Remedies To Gain Weight

There are in numerous remedies all over the internet for weight loss, over weight is a big issue .I must say we should not ignore people who suffer from underweight, and seems the new trend is to be as lean and fit. I agree to that fitness has very closely related to being lean but when I say lean it means your fat is proportionate all over the body, it really does not mean having no fat in the body at all.  Fitness should be a matter of feeling fit not just visually seeming to be fit.

Fat is really important in the body. Calories are converted from the food you eat , but in today’s busy schedule may be sometimes you’re unable to have meals on time (which should be avoided but it happens) .Underweight people can’t handle skipping meals ,may be today you feel really active and you’re underweight but at some point it may affect you in your life . When you have enough fat (I’m not talking about being obese) in the body, your body can burn it to convert it into calories and let you feel up and energetic.

Here are few remedies when you feel you need to put on some weight:-

  1. Body Absorption
    If you’re one of those, who eat well and you feel you should have more fat in accordance to your diet, check your absorption.- Face the sun, one of the major reason of low absorption is lack of vitamin D. The best way to improve vitamin D levels is to sit under the sun early in the morning, when sun is not too strong to burn your skin .The best time will always depend upon the weather conditions of the place where you live, but usually 5-8 am will be the best time. If you don’t want to make an effort or you live near the poles you can take vitamin D supplements anytime in the day. But vitamin D is best absorbed through your skin, orally taking supplements may not be as effective. Well, that’s my experience and opinion.-
    Vitamin C – Include vitamin C in your diet without it your body will not absorb all the nutrients from the food no matter how well
    you eat. Make sure to take lemon juice, there are other good sources depending upon your taste but lemon seems to be the
    easiest on to take. You can squeeze lemon on to your favorite dish, you can drink water with lemon drops, and there can be plenty of creative ways to add lemon in your diet.
  2. Ayurvedic remedy Ashwagandha powder + Shatavari powder + Honey with warm milk.
    This remedy not only helps you gain weight but also it will add strength in   your body and will increase you immunity. You will definitely feel more lively and vigor when you take this drink. It is one of the most effective remedies in Ayurveda to gain weight. You can take capsules with milk .Although, I have found the powder mixed in milk to be more effective, just a personal experience.
  3. Bananas + milk  (Banana shake remedy)
    This remedy has been a very popular remedy , anyone can tell you about this .Here,is a catch in this remedy :- It does not work all the time.Some people suffer from indigestion and even constipation with this remedy.These are the people who already have poor absorption and this shake is usually not easy to digest. So, before you use it try to increase your body absorption and try to add some physical activity to your schedule. This works really well for the people working hard in the gym to gain muscle.
  4. Check your appetite – If you have low appetite, you not only suffer from underweight but you will also suffer from weak immunity.
    Three specific Ayurveda remedy for the people who have really low appetite and have aversion towards food :-
    – Ginger juice + lemon juice – Take one teaspoon of both mixed together but do not add water . Take it just before your meals.
    Coriander leaves – You can either prepare a glass of juice and have it early in the morning to regulate the diet throughout
    the day or you can add raw leaves to your food .
    Amalki Rasayan – Take two tablets in the morning ,it is mandatory to take it empty stomach and avoid taking meals or heavy food within 30 mins.

Photo Credit: Pixabay via LubosHouska
“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker