How to lose weight Quick Easy and Effective
How to lose weight Quick Easy and Effective

Lose weight naturally

It’s never been easier to lose weight especially once you have begun putting on weight.This could be harmful in many ways. It does not only make your body look fat but also makes you inactive and unhealthy. It is very well known that in order to stay fit and active you must have a balanced diet. Diet plays a very important role in our life. Our diet decides the fitness of our body. So think twice before eating your favorite ice-creams and cupcakes from now.

Calories play a very crucial role in your weight loss process. But it is not always possible to count calories present in the food before eating it. So the best way to cut out calories from your diet is to change your eating pattern.

We are providing you some methods to help you lose weight easily and in an effective way:

  • Try frequent meals Many research showed that eating meals five times a day helps you to lose weight. So try to eat meals in small portion after every two hours.
  • Eat Breakfast Being most important meal of the day, breakfast helps a lot in losing weight. So never skip breakfast. We should eat breakfast within two hours of waking up. It also helps in maintaining your waistline. So include fruits and veggies in your breakfast that are rich in fiber. Fiber foods keep you full and help you stay in shape always.
  • Green tea We all know about the benefits of Green tea. Replace your tea and coffee with green tea which helps in burning calories and fat faster. It also helps in boosting metabolism. You can easily burn few extra calories just by introducing Green tea in your diet.
  • Exercise dailyInclude exercise in your daily routine. Walk everyday and whenever you can. Take stairs not elevators, indulge more in activities like gardening, grocery shopping, running, jogging, play with your dog or take him for a walk. This way you can easily lose few extra pounds.
  • Use fat-free dairy products It is almost impossible to stay away from dairy products but you can easily replace them with low fat or fat free dairy products. This will help you to avoid few calories intake.
  • Drink plenty of water Yes you heard it right. Water helps a lot in weight loss process in fact you should eat fruits that contain large amount of water. Those who drink more water are likely to eat less.

You can also drop some extra pounds just by using these tricks in your daily life:

  • Replace sugar with Jaggery while making sweet dishes.
  • Swipe your rice with Brown Rice.
  • Eat low fat frozen yogurt in place of ice cream.
  • Eat salad before your meals.
  • It is better to eat fruits than to drink it.
  • If you are pizza lover and cannot avoid it, go for thin crust pizzas.
  • Replace alfredo with Mariana sauce while making pasta.
  • Weight loss with super foods .

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