Herbs For Hyperthyroid - 99 Natural Remdies

Hyperthyroidism is a condition where a person tends to have an overactive thyroid gland, or in other words, have an excessive production of Thyroid hormone. In hyperthyroidism, normal thyroid glands of a patient become two to three times larger than the normal thyroid gland. It also develops psychological effects in a person.

Due to an overactive thyroid gland, the body starts to produce excessive thyroxine, which is one of the most important hormones produced by Thyroid. It controls the body temperature, maintains the rate of fats and carbohydrates used by the body, regulates the heartbeat and much more. It basically plays a major role in the body.

In some cases of hyperthyroidism, people suffer from other health related problems like depression, disturb digestion, rapid heartbeat and sudden weight loss.

Hyperthyroid patients usually suffer from sudden weight loss.It develops the condition where no matter how much you eat, you’re unable to gain weight.

It has been observed that women suffer more from thyroid as compare to men.

These are some other symptoms of Hyperthyroidism:

  • Loss of appetite and mild to major weight loss. A person is unable to gain weight irrespective of increase in consumption of food.
  • Irregular heartbeat or palpitations can also occur if a person is suffering from hyperthyroidism. It also causes the condition of Tachycardia in patients.
  • It also causes Diarrhea and unusual bowel movements mostly frequent bowel movements.
  • It creates the condition where a person feels extremely tired, weak and faces difficulty in sleeping.
  • The Patient starts to feel sudden intolerance to heat.
  • It also causes one less common problem of exophthalmos , which occurs due to the swelling in the muscle and tissues behind the eyes.In layman terms it can be understood as bulging eyes .
  • Feeling of anxiety, irritation, and nervousness.
    How To Deal With Anxiety.
  • In women, changes in menstrual cycle and hormone imbalance has been observed due to overactive thyroid gland.
  • Thinning of hair and skin.

Causes of hyperthyroidism:

Excessive intake of Iodine and selenium in the body– Diet that is rich in Iron and selenium prevents the body from the risk of thyroid disorders. Those who have a  poor diet tend to suffer more from hyperthyroidism. Iron and selenium support thyroid gland, which help in producing the right amount of thyroid hormones.

Grave’s disease–  If you notice tremors in hands and fingers then it might possible that the person is suffering from Grave’s disease.  This is also an autoimmune disorder which occurs due to the excessive production of thyroid hormone. Bulging of the eyes is also another reason of grave’s disease.

Lack of Exercise–  Inability to deal with stress often causes hyperthyroidism. Those who exercise regularly and sleep properly are better in dealing with stress and are great in managing neurological function. So it is better to exercise regularly to become healthier.

If you want to try herbal methods to cure Hyperthyroidism, then you should definitely try these herbs which are very effective and useful in treating the disease:

  1. Bugleweed– It is very beneficial in treating mild hyperthyroidism. It balances the hormone produced by Thyroid.

Take this in the form of  a tincture. Take 2 ml of Bugleweed and consume it three times daily.

Note: Hyperthyroid patient, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking this herb.

  1. Eleuthero– This herb is very effective to normalize overall functions in the body. You can also take help of this wonderful medicine to cure hyperthyroidism.

According to Chinese tradition, a person should consume only 9 to 27 grams of raw Eleuthero per day.

  1. Motherwort– It is very beneficial in controlling palpitations and heart rate. It is also known as Leonurus cardiaca.

Take one cup of water and boil it. Add one teaspoon of Motherwort and mix it well. Strain this mixture and drink this tea three times a day.

  1. Lemon Balm– Lemon Balm contains flavonoid and phenolic acids which are very helpful to normalize and to regulate an overactive thyroid by reducing thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).
Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm

Take 2 tbsp of lemon balm and mix it with one cup of boiling water. Leave this mixture to rest for 5 minutes. Strain well and drink this tea daily three times a day.

In case you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, then these are some foods you should totally avoid:

  • Sugar
  • Packaged food
  • Gluten
  • Artificial flavoring

Include green vegetables and soy products in your diet. Eat broccoli, spinach, cabbage, sea vegetables and fruits like berries. You can also eat foods that are rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

So try these easy and effective ways to treat hyperthyroidism naturally. These methods will definitely help you to improve your health conditions quickly.

I would also recommend that before taking any of these herbs, it is preferable to consult an endocrine specialist as they will suggest you the right amount of dosage and other helpful advice.

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