Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common disorders faced by individuals these days. It is a condition in which your body lacks to produce enough hormones. Hypothyroidism begins with the problem in the thyroid gland; the gland does not produce an adequate amount of thyroid hormones in the body.In western medicine there is no permanent cure for hypthyrodism. Although, there are several less popular natural remedies for hypothyroidism can help in the treatment of hypothyrodism.

The thyroid gland produces many vital hormones which are responsible for various crucial functions in the body. These hormones released by the gland travel through the bloodstream and affect each and every part of the body. It also affects the metabolism.The thyroid controls the body cells and how these cells use energy from food. So due to the under-active thyroid, the body starts to feel tired and low often.

According to the study, a large number of people suffer from the under-active thyroid function. Though the function of the thyroid gland is similar in both men and women, but somehow women, especially older ones tend to suffer more from hypothyroidism than men. People suffering from diabetes and major health issues are also likely to suffer from Hypothyroidism.

The causes of hypothyroidism may vary from person to person. But one of the main causes of hyperthyroidism is poor eating habits in individuals. Bad eating habits can deteriorate your health and can cause you many health related problems.

Hypothyroidism is a problem which occurs due to poor diet and lack of nutrition in the body. Hypothyroid people are advised to stay away from refined foods and sugar. Consuming too much sugar and refined foods cause cortisol, which can later cause your body to break-down. To cure any health related problem, it is very important to understand the causes of it.

These are some of the major causes of hypothyroidism:

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis– This is an autoimmune disorder and generally occurs when the thyroid becomes inflamed. In Hashimoto’s, the antibodies produced by the body begin attacking its own body which damages the thyroid gland. This is one of the most common causes of Hypothyroidism in individuals.

Lack of Iodine and Selenium– Some of the most important minerals for the body includes iodine and selenium. These minerals help to produce thyroid hormones in balanced levels. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland play a very critical role to protect the body from other health risks.

Pregnancy– Pregnant women often suffer from the problem of postpartum thyroiditis. In pregnancy some women tend to have very high levels of thyroid hormones. But after giving birth, this condition generally goes away and hormones become normal as they were before.

Emotional stress and Anxiety– These are some problems which develops problem like imbalanced hormones and changes in menstrual cycles in women. Stress has very devastating effects on health. It causes cortisols and raises levels of adrenaline and disturbs the functioning of neurotransmitter.

Anxiety and stress also cause other problems like inability to sleep, lack of appetite, fatigue, low mood, weight gain and depression.

If your thyroid is not working properly, then chances are high that you are suffering from hypothyroidism. To determine if a person is suffering from hypothyroidism, blood examination is generally carried out which includes test like T4 (thyroxine) and (thyroid-stimulating hormone). The High TSH level indicates the condition of hypothyroid whereas low TSH level shows the condition of hyperthyroid.

There are many symptoms of hypothyroidism, which includes:

• Stress, depression and anxiety

• Extreme sleepiness


• Changes in the menstrual cycle

• Weight gain

• Trouble in breathing

• Tremble in fingers and muscle ache

• Dry and cracked skin

• Excessive Hair Loss

• Infertility

• Catching cold due to poor immune system

• Swelling in the joints

You can easily control and cure hypothyroidism in the initial stage by making small changes in your diet and lifestyle. This disease becomes severe if not taken proper steps in the initial stage. It can also cause you other major health related issues like infertility, poor brain function, and pain in joints, difficulties in pregnancy, obesity and lot more.

But many times it is very important to understand that what you eat affects your health a lot. So pick your food wisely and eat only those foods which suits your health condition at present.

These are some foods to include in your diet if you are hypothyroid:

Omega 3 fatty acids rich food: –

Salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna are some of the foods which reduce inflammation and helps to improve neurological functions in the body. Omega 3 fatty acid rich food balances the hormones and functions of the thyroid.

Flax, Chia seeds, and hemp are some of the Omega 3 fatty acid rich super foods which help in maintaining hormones and thyroid function.

Iodine Rich foods:

These foods help your body prevent deficiencies which cause hypothyroidism. Iodine helps our body to produce an adequate amount of thyroid hormones in the body. You can include Iodine rich food weekly in your diet.

Sushi, Nori Rolls, Salt water fish, seafood, iodized salt, seaweeds is some of the best foods to include in your diet to improve the amount of iodine in your body.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil contains Caprylic acids, capric acid and lauric acid, which provides medium chain fatty acids. This oil helps to fight fatigue and improves your energy level. It also boosts metabolism and is very effective to suppress inflammation.

Selenium rich foods:

These are as beneficial as Iodine rich foods. Those who consume a sufficient amount of selenium in regular basis are less likely to suffer from hypothyroidism.

Meat, chicken, tuna, dairy products, salmon, Sushi, celtic sea salt are some of the foods that really help with hypothyroidism.

If you are Thyroid patient, then this is the list of foods you should definitely avoid:

Iodine rich food– Lack of sufficient iodine in the body causes hypothyroidism, but it is also very essential to understand that taking iodine in excessive quantity could be harmful, as too much iodine suppress the activities of the thyroid gland.

Soy Products– A study revealed that women who consume a large amount of soy tend to suffer more from hypothyroidism. Soybeans and soy products contain components which produce thyroid hormones which causes health problems like hypothyroidism.

Tap water– Tap water generally contains fluorine and chlorine, which results in more iodine consumption. But as we all know not everyone can manage to drink mineral water, so just try to limit intake of other iodine rich food.

Gluten– Many people are allergic to gluten because of an autoimmune disease known as celiac or because they have thyroid. Gluten is generally found in products like barley, wheat, and many packaged foods. So it is better to check the ingredients before you consume any packaged foods. An allergy to gluten can also lead to the other problems like hormonal changes and inflammation.

Some other foods which you should definitely avoid is conventional dairy products, products that are high in sugar, peanuts, kale, turnip, cauliflower, spinach, mustard, peaches, coffee and other refined flour products. These foods can also make your hypothyroidism worse. So it is best to avoid these foods than to suffer.

Take small regular meals

In place of eating large, bulky meals every day, it is advisable to take small frequent meals at regular interval. Hypothyroid patients should divide their meals in 5-6 times, it also helps them to lose weight. It helps to boost metabolism and keeps the energy level high always. You can also eat healthy snacks time to time. It will also help you to maintain diet as well as to lose weight.

Try these 4 essential Oils to cure hypothyroidism

This is another method to cure hypothyroidism naturally. All you need to do is to rub any of these oil on the thyroid, or add them to your bath. Try any of these essential oils to treat hypothyroidism:

• Frankincense oil

• Lavender oil

• Chamomile oil

• Lemongrass oil

Hypothyroidism Treatment In Ayurveda :- 

  • Ashwagandha
    The most prominent symptom of thyroid is experiencing extreme stress and lack of ability to handle stress. Imbalanced thyroid can affect your nervous system and which leads to high stress level. Ashwagandha is great for your nervous system as it is an adaptogen, It calms down the nervous system immensely.  If you are looking for a natural ways to manage your thyroid imbalance  then Ashwagandha is the perfect herb to for you. It lowers cortisol and increase level of thyroxine hormones. Try this herb for at least 8 weeks and cure Hypothyroidism naturally.

    Tip :- If you want to lose weight , take it with warm water . Alternatively, to gain weight take it with warm milk and honey .

  • Kanchnar Guggulu + Arogyavardhini 
    Kanchnar Guggulu  specifically deals with thyroid issues. It removes toxins from the body and it balances the thyroxine production in the body. It works for both under-active and overactive thyroid. It is extremely beneficial for tumors and goiter in the neck. Although, this herb should be strictly avoided by pregnant women.
    You should take 1-2 tablets preferably after one hour of the meal with warm water. We recommend you consult Ayurveda expert before taking medicines.As proper dosage may vary from person to person.

    Arogyavardhini helps to balance vata, kapha, pitta in the body. It cleanses and strengthens the liver which boosts your immune system and metabolism. It is advised with kanchnar guggulu as some patients may experience constipation by consuming kanchanar guggulu. Arogyavardhini is a very powerful medicine for liver and overall health of the body. It is usually recommended by Ayurveda physicians for all the diseases.

    Note:- If you’re taking  levothyoxine or similar medicine.Do not abruptly stop taking medicine at any stage without consulting your doctor.

 Yoga Asanas and Hand Mudra For Hypothyroidism :-

  • Kapalbhati –
    Practice kapalbhati for 15 minutes daily for 3 months, you’ll see the difference. Although, to cure thyroid issue completely you will need to maintain consistency with it. If you stop practice after 3 months, you will be back to where you started. In the beginning, it will be hard to practise it for 15 mins.
    You can start with 5 minutes at once and repeat it three times a day.
    kapalbhati tremedously helps with energy and vitality. If you feel consistently low because of your low functioning thyroid if this your way out .
  • Khechri –
    Practice 2-3 times daily, it regulates your thyroid level in body. You can instantly feel the difference. If you’re a severe patient and you’ve not practiced yoga before you may experience pain in the throat to avoid it practice it in moderation.
  • Shankh Mudra –
    Shankh mudrā relieves throat pain experienced by thyroid patients. It balances throat chakra and calms down the nervous system. Usually, thyroid patients tend to feel emotionally imbalanced . This mudra will not only balance the thyroid gland, it will make you more emotionally balanced .
  • Vajrasana –
    Thyroid patients tend to suffer from constipation. Patients should sit in vajrasana for 5 minutes at least after the meals.

You can use other herbs like basil, Rhodiola and ginseng, which contains medicinal properties to treat numerous health related diseases naturally and these are also very useful for hypothyroid patients.

To stay healthy and happy is of utmost importance, so never ignore your health issues as it is very important to take the treatment on time. You can also take help of natural remedies.

These are some of the most powerful and effective natural cures for hypothyroidism . So bring some changes to your lifestyle and diet to live healthier and happier life.

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