Confidence - 99 natural remedies
Confidence - 99 natural remedies

We all have different meaning of confidence in our mind. Some believe that Confidence is about doing anything in life while some believes confidence is to believe in yourself, to understand that everything is in your reach and believing that nothing is impossible.

Well the definition of confidence may vary from person to person, but what is more important is to understand that life without confidence is nothing. It plays a crucial role in our life. It has the power to make or break things in life.

Confident person is always appreciated by others, wherever they go, people look up to them and get inspired. They possess the power to turn things in their favor. The good thing about confident people is that they know what they want in life and how to achieve it. They have a clear thought process and confidence which helps them to climb the ladder of success easily. But it is also necessary to have the right amount of confidence as over-confident people often suffer in life and tend to make wrong decisions.

The Right amount of confidence is very essential to live a happy life. It provides us the ability to deal with every problem in life with self-belief and determination. It gives us the courage to stay positive and focused about life. But do you know what we eat and how we maintain our lifestyle also help us to boost confidence?

These are some foods which are very effective to fill you with confidence:-

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates are known worldwide as great mood boosters. Chocolates are the best food to uplift mood  and enhances confidence in a person. The reason behind the sudden mood enhancement is the element present in dark chocolates known as “Endorphin”. Phenylethylamine and Endorphin produces a compound serotonin, which develops the feeling of happiness within a person.


Seafood is always known as a rich source of Serotonin. There are numerous health benefits of eating fish, it is also popular as brain food. DHA present in fish changes the cell membrane composition which leads to make a person feel happier about themselves. It contains many essential fats, which helps in proper functioning  of the brain, burn fat and help you to stay fit always.  It provides the strength needed to face the world with great confidence. You can also try fish oil supplements in case you don’t like eating fish.


Many fewer people know about the large benefits of eating Cheese. But we are not telling you to eat cheese in large amount, but adding a little bit of cheese to your diet regularly is enough. It is not just rich in Vitamin A, proteins, riboflavin, phosphorous, calcium,  Vitamin B12 and zinc. Foods that are rich in zinc helps in beating stress and depression. But make sure that you don’t eat it in large quantity.

Green Vegetables

Here is another important food to boost your confidence, if you want immediate effect and results, then include green leafy vegetables to your diet. Rich in Iron and Folic acids, green vegetables are also rich source of serotonin. Spinach, Lettuces, kale, turnip is some of the best foods to improve confidence.

You can also add nuts, almonds, and legumes which are also great sources of Folic acid.

Apart from foods, your perspective towards little things in life plays a vital role. Your daily routines, habits, hobbies, lifestyle also affects your mindset and confidence.

  • Just remember whatever you do, just think that you can do it and start doing.
  • Believe in Yourself and say to yourself that you can do anything.
  • Appreciate others and always look up to people who are confident and smart. Stay inspired, motivated and happy always.
  • Work on your postures. Sit straight, stand tall and walk with confidence. Try to interact with people and work on your communication skills.
  • Practice and practice as it can help you to sharpen your skills and can help you to feel confident about yourself.
  • Make a list. Work on your weaknesses and strong points. Try to figure out where you are lacking and work on it.
  • Set your goals and start working on them one by one. With each accomplished goal you’ll feel confident and happy about yourself.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Discuss your life and problems with them. It makes things easy and clear.
  • Meditate or practice Yoga. Exercise regularly and take out time to do things you love.

Bring these small changes in life and fill your life with confidence. You will naturally feel more confident, happier, better and healthier than before.

“Loving yourself naturally leads to an increase in Self-confidence” – Cassie Parks.

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