Weight loss diet : Super foods to lose weight easily
Weight loss diet : Super foods to lose weight easily

Amazing weight loss diet

Many fruits contain fiber and pectin which are natural fat burners. The fruits which are high in fiber and pectin help us to shed weight easily. Fruits do not only help us in our weight loss process but also help us to live disease free live. Many researchers have shown that those who eat five portions of vegetables and fruits daily live a healthy life and are less likely to suffer from diseases.

Fruits are natural super foods and every fruit has its own advantages. But it is very important to understand that not all fruits are equal in terms of their nutritional value. If you are someone who is looking for an easy way out to shed weight than you can definitely lose some by picking the right fruit to eat.

Here are some fruits which can help you to maintain your health and body shape:


Known for excellent source of energy, banana is rich in both potassium and fiber and works wonders in weight loss process. Bananas are also the only source of vitamin B6 in fruits. It helps in building better immunity system in body and also rich in vitamin and calcium.


It is said that eating fruits that contains a lot of water can also help you lose weight. Oranges are great in boosting metabolism. High source of vitamin C, folate and thiamine, Oranges contain lot fewer calories. So include oranges in your diet from now. This fruit also contain fiber which is not usually present in the orange juice.


Great for weight loss, papayas contain unique natural enzymes which help to transit food faster in our body. Carotene, vitamin C and flavonoids are some of the antioxidant nutrients present in this fruit. This is the best fruit to help you get rid of some extra pounds.


The best thing about this fruit is that you can use it many ways. You can include it in your diet in oil form, milk, dry fruit, water and you can eat it raw too. Chains of triglycerides present in this fruit helps in maintaining metabolic rate of the liver which further helps in losing weight.


Apple is the real super food. This fruit is best for losing weight. Low in calories, high in fiber, fruit contains very essential minerals and vitamins to keep you away from doctor and also helps in maintaining your waistline. The more apples you eat the more slimmer you become.

Include these super foods in your diet today and experience the difference.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside. ” – Robert Urich