Treatment of anemia with natural remedies

Treatment of anemia

A person becomes Anemic when his red blood cell count become less than normal. Iron Deficiency is one of the main causes of Anemia. Other causes of anemia could be deficiency of nutrients in your body. Low red blood cell counts indicate that they are unable to carry enough oxygen to the body parts.

Girls often suffer from Anemia due to heavy bleeding during menstruation; it also causes hormonal imbalance in women. Pregnant women also suffer from the problem of low red blood cell counts due to heavy bleeding at the time of Childbirth. Ulcer and colon cancer are also some of the reasons of blood loss in stomach.

There are various tests like CTC is available to diagnose if a person is suffering from Anemia or not. If you have problems like internal bleeding, then your doctor may suggest you to go for fecal occult test which is generally used to check blood in the feces.

These are the symptoms of Anemia:

  • Paleness of skin
  • Tiredness and feeling of fatigue
  • Heart racing and shortness of breath
  • Dark Circles and memory problem
  • Lack of concentration and depression
  • Irritation and swelling of tongue

The good thing about Anemia is that it is curable. All you need to do is to make some changes in your diet and to try these Home remedies to increase your red blood counts.


Carrot – 3 small, Beetroot – 1, Ginger – 1/4 inch piece, Water – 1/4 cup,  2 Ice cubes, Sugar (as per your taste), Lemon Juice – 1 tsp. Cut beetroot and carrot in small pieces and add little water and ginger pieces to the mixture. Grind it to make smooth juice and strain. Add lemon juice and sugar and stir. Drink this juice for two weeks to cure Anemia.


Rich in Vitamins and Minerals, Spinach comes on top in veggies in terms of nutrient richness. You can have it in salad or make a dish. For salad, you can take baby spinach, mix it with other veggies, fruits, nuts and springs, add some salt and eat it before your lunch or dinner.

You can also make soup of spinach by boiling 1 cup of water and add half cup of spinach and add some salt to it. Drink this soup daily for at least two weeks. Spinach is very helpful to cure anemia.

Blackstrap Molasses

You can consume it in many ways. You can easily include molasses in your breakfast. Take oatmeal and add some blackstrap juice to it and eat this in breakfast for two weeks. Or you can also consume it by taking a tsp of molasses and mix it with salad of veggies and fruits and eat it regularly before your lunch and dinner.

Bottle Gourd

This vegetable is very beneficial for health. You can use bottle gourd in your dishes for lunch and dinner. Or make a juice and add some salt to eat and drink it on an empty stomach. Bottle Gourd is very useful in treating Anemia.

Another way to include bottle gourd in your diet is to take 1 cup of bottle gourd pieces, ½ cup of beetroot pieces, and 1 cup of chopped spinach.  Take 3 cups of water in pan and add veggies to it. Boil till veggies become soft. Add some salt and eat this every day for two weeks.


The best way to cure anemia is to include pomegranate to your diet. Drink two glass of pomegranate juice every morning and evening. You can also add it to your salad. You will definitely see the difference by adding this superfood to your daily diet.

Parsley (Rock celery)

Rich in Iron and folic acid, parsley is very effective in curing Anemia. Parsley is very easy to use in dishes. You can sprinkle it on your salads and sandwiches. You can add them while cooking. You can add parsley leaves while making juice also. Just add one tbsp. of parsley to any juice, mix well and drink it.

Fenugreek seeds (Methi)

Fenugreek seeds are great for production of new RBCs. It helps in maintaining iron in the blood and also balances the hormones. You can eat both seeds and leaves for treating Anemia.

Add Methi leaves to the dishes you cook for lunch and Dinner. Alternatively you can also use fenugreek seeds while cooking rice. Take one cup of rice and add two tsp of Fenugreek seeds to it. Add some water and salt and cook it. Cook this rice regularly and eat it for three weeks to see the difference.


This is one of the most beneficial foods to treat anemia. You can add tomatoes to your diet or can make tomato soup. You can also mix tomato juice with apple juice and drink it regularly to cure anemia.

Dates & Raisins

You can eat them normally two three times a day or soak them in water whole night and eat handful of dates and raisins next day in the morning. You can also eat them anytime of the day.


Very few people know that banana is rich source of iron and is very beneficial for health. You can eat banana in many ways. It also boosts hemoglobin production in the body.

You can eat it like a fruit or make a banana shake. Take 1 glass of milk and add one banana and grind using the mixture. Drink this shake for at least two weeks daily.

You can also cut banana into pieces and pour 1 tbsp of honey on it, eat this daily in breakfast for at least two weeks.

Try these Yoga poses to get fast and better results:

  • Ujjayi
  • Suryabhedana Pranayama
  • Anuloma Viloma
  • Kapal Bhati
  • Sarvangasana
  • Uttanpadasana
  • Shavasana

Hand mudras also plays an important role in treating Anemia. One such mudra is Prithvi Mudra.

    • Prithvi Mudra can be practised followed by the prana mudra .It really helps to rejuvenate the health and blood circulation.
Yoga, meditation and natural remedies have been in use since an ancient times and they are really very effective to treat almost any health problem. You just need to pick a right and suitable remedy and methods to treat your health problems. So try them out and improve your Red blood cell count easily and quickly.
Treatment Of Anemia With Natural Remedies
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Treatment Of Anemia With Natural Remedies
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